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China YB Poker Cheat Co., Ltd
YB Poker Cheat Co., Ltd
YB Poker Cheat Co., Ltd found 1999 and located in a international famous city of Guangzhou.It is the first company that was granted a license for the manufacture, distribution, and casino service. YB Poker Cheat is able to provide poker analyzer,invisible ink marked cards,UV contact lenses,poker scanner,invisible ink side marked cards,baccarat cheating devices and other poker cheating system.Our main products include invisible ink marked playing cards, poker analyzers, contact lenses for marked ...
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quality Poker Cheating Device & Dice Cheating Device factory

25CM Watch Poker Camera Scanner Of Poker Analyzer Cheating Device

Color:Black, Gray, Gold, Others

Material:Metal, Leather

Scanning Distance:20-40 CM

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Bicycle Standard Barcode Marked Poker Cards For Poker Analyzer


Color:Red / Blue

Size:Poker Size

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15CM Watch Poker Scanning Camera For Invisible Barcode Marked Cards ISO9001

Scanner Carrier:Watch

Match Marked Cards:Barcode Marked Cards

Scanning Distance:8-20 CM, 20-40 CM

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Leather Wallet Poker Cheating Scanning Camera 35cm Scan Marked Cards


Scanning Distance:About 25-35cm

Scanning Width:About 10cm

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2023-08-17 10:44:35
Easy to talk with, very good quality and service. , the product quality is super good, much better than I ordered from other companies.
Ahmed Lama
2022-09-24 19:29:05
Product is good and deliver so fast, will keep the cooperation for long time. Hope ur company business getting better and better. And the product quality is very good, love it.
Zenin Andrew Evgenievich
2022-09-24 19:30:53
Not only offering quality products and services, as China partner, they spent much time helping us sourcing different products for my factory! Thanks!
2023-08-17 10:43:14
The winning rate of the mobile phone analyzer is 100%, I am very satisfied .Thank you anyway. And good luck in your business!
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3 Tricks To Get In Front Of Your Poker Buddies
3 Tricks To Get In Front Of Your Poker Buddies
Without a doubt, poker is one of the most popular games in the world. For anyone to be the best in it, it takes a little bit of experience, knowledge, strategy, and definitely some craftiness if you want to win. Generally speaking, when people do it at home, they usually have high expectations when it comes to it and somehow expect the same thrill and excitement they see in movies. Still, it doesn’t mean that the outcome is going to be the same. If you are currently interested in playing this dynamic game with the people you love, you have to develop a certain tactic that is going to help you be always one step ahead. If you need some advice, then feel free to see what we have in the store for you! Useful Tips To Beat Your Friends During Poker Tournament Avoid Being The First Player To Limp Anyone who has a knack for poker will tell you that this is a huge no-no to be the first one who is going to enter a pot. Why is that? It’s because your chances of winning the pot are going to be drastically decreased. On the other hand, it is highly likely to win the pot if you raise it. Another reason you are not supposed to do it is the fact that you will give others very thrilling pot odds, which means that you will probably deal with multiple players which reduces the chances of you winning the pot. Still, there’s one exception where it is acceptable to limp and that is what at least one individual has already done. In these types of situations, it is known as over-limping which can potentially be a great play because you are having amazing pot odds to be part of the action so that you are able to hit some great on the flop. Opt For A CVK Poker Scanning Analyzer For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, this is a very beneficial gadget that is going to alternate the way you play the game in a blink of an eye. What does a poker analyzer do then? Namely, with this poker cheat device, you can easily predict who is going to win within a few minutes. How does it work? It works on a set of invincible probability and logic theories that are one hundred percent accurate. Furthermore, this poker hand analyzer is packed with a special sensor that can easily disclose infrared waves that are arriving from the marked playing cards cheating. This Strategy Is Amazing As Well! Attack When Your Friends Show Weakness Poker players normally do not check with hands that can call several bets as frequently as they are supposed to. This means that when they do it, they probably have a very weak hand that is going to fold if faced with more than one bet. So if you notice that any of your friends are showing any signs of weakness during a head-up pot, utilize a powerful bluffing strategy. In poker, there’s no room for kindness and naivety even when you’re playing with your friends. This is the perfect time to show them who is the boss and with these tips, you’ll be able to do just that!
Countering cheater in gambling industry!
Countering cheater in gambling industry!
When we talk about the game of luck that is Gambling which have very old history, is very passionating, challenging and addictive game. A person who has interest in gambling, he or her could do anything to win this game. The main reason to lose their conscience in order to win the game is the lucrative and addictive nature of the game. So in this article we are going to talk about the brand new and one of the best rated “counter the cheating formula” known as marked cards sunglasses used in gambling.   A stylish strategy of cheating   There is e different variety of infrared sunglasses which is specially made to fulfill the cheating counter need in a poker game. One can order a highly stylish reader sunglasses as it is available worldwide. To shop this kind of extraordinary glasses, is the best whether you are a proficient or a tyro to the poker game. All these glasses are so lucrative and stylish but at the same time they are able to detect invisible symbol on the card as well.   Conclusion   By using infrared glasses one can detect various kinds of invisible spot such as infrared marks, UV dot and any other kind of dots marked on the card by your opposition. It is very beneficial in order to detect the spot of any kind and leads to a fair poker game. This is very important to maintain a good and fair environment of gaming among the players because this is all about money and mind when we play a poker game and there is no space for cheating.  
Marked Cards: Guide To Choosing The Best Playing Cards
Marked Cards: Guide To Choosing The Best Playing Cards
Choosing which labeled playing cards or the high quality marked playing cards for sale that you will use for luminous ink is difficult. It’s going to be the brand that gets you, or it’s going to be the design on the back. There’s one thing for sure. You can’t buy cheap playing cards from the dollar store. Professional cards must be playing cards and have the unique material that most cards are made of. To tell if they are the right ones, you can feel the back of the cards. If it is smooth and there are no grooves, the cards are inexpensive and can not be used. They can be used with luminous ink if the card has grooves and feels real.   You must ensure that the red-backed playing cards are the playing cards you use. Some luminous inks can read the blue back cards, but they are much harder to read. Then move on to the design once you’ve got that down. Is it going to be the type of card for bicycles, or will it be the system’s diagonal type? Most players always found that it’s best to use the diagonal type of design. Pick your brand after you choose your preferred method. Brands will usually have a special design so that the questions intertwine in such a way that they will most likely be answered together. Once you have your favorite, always choose this kind of card so that there are no variations.   Guide To Marking Cards – Various Methods   It is not an easy process to mark cards. As well as strategy, there are different ways of marking them. One is the method where a pen mark is used, while the other is ink. On multiple levels, these methods differ from one another. Let’s discuss both methods of labeling and the cost of opportunity between them.   First, ink-based (invisible ink) allows the markings to be read by a computer. The better, more reliable method is this approach. Yeah, you have to see the marks where the luminous glasses are, but the back of the card looks brand new, untouched. At the end of the slip, the pen-based marking may have a slight adjustment. Yes, the change is very slight and more than likely not visible at a 99 percent chance. But the fact remains that the card is labeled clearly. Secondly, the cost. The ink seems to be more costly. The method of pen labeling is much cheaper than purchasing invisible ink. Third, and eventually, the distance. The markings of a card marked with ink can be seen farther away than the markings of a card marked with a marker. The ink marks stand out and can be seen more clearly than the markings on the marker. The pen marks are a far closer-range approach. You have to be close to see them because the markings are so thin. In conclusion, it is evident whether you are using the ink marking technique or the pen marking strategy. There is a straightforward way to play poker equally. Poker is a skill-based game. Unless you can see, of course, what the enemy has, both methods of labeling are profitable. You choose which one you suits better as they are both available at
In the poker card games, some of the players have been using some cheap tricks to gain victory in the game. The ink marks which was made upon the playing cards will make the players win the simultaneous games. These ink marks cannot be easy gets visible in the naked eyes. In such a case, they need additional help to view those ink marks. The best help has been provided by Infrared contact lenses. These lenses will be more helpful for the players to notice malpractices which were undergone in the games. These contact lenses have been getting fixed in the sunglasses and so the players can easily wear it and they can easily go for the games. The most interesting information about the Infrared contact lenses is available at the following link These lenses come with a compatible way and so any kind of eyes can get into contact with these lenses. This also comes with different colors and so the players can wear those lenses for style and also make an eye upon the players moves in the game.   Interesting factors involved in the Poker scanner camera   The interesting things involved in the poker scanner camera are as follows:   In the poker game, the players will be uses invisible ink marked cards to gain simultaneous victories in the game. In such a case, the poker scanner camera will be pinpoints those cards and so the players will be easy to get caught by the other players. The different types of these cameras can be available at the following the link Some of the players may think that it is a camera and so it will need some added space to fix it. But it is not so these cameras are small in size and so it can be easily gets fixed in the shirts too. This also comes with a button system to click upon the camera. Instant action will be made by the camera once the start button has been getting clicked. These cameras cannot be easy gets caught by the others while the verification session. The players can casually continue their gaming and so the camera will be efficiently performing its task. The poker scanner camera can be easily get fixed in the dresses and as well as it can be easily gets fixed in the chest also. Most of the co-players will not get notice these chest cameras and also it has been coming with a button system and so the players can easily on these cameras. This camera records the videos which were seen in the nearby areas accurately and the videos will be more crystal clear.
Smooth poker experience with an effective cheating device
Smooth poker experience with an effective cheating device
Card games in the casino such as Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Blackjack, etc. offer equal opportunity to each player to explore his/her ability, strategy and luck for long term profit. Apparently, the introduction of online casino platforms has significantly enhanced the convenience and flexibility of playing poker games from anywhere, anytime but still, now remarkably large numbers of players prefer land-based casinos. Cheating tricks in poker with marked cards is a common practice, and modern poker players have ample playing cards cheating device such as cvk 350 poker analyzer at poker gamble, poker scanner cheat, ir contact lenses, best poker glasses and texas hold'em marked cards of different types such as UV, infrared, ink, luminous, etc.   1.Impressive technology   Card marking technology such as Block-out, Cut-out, Tinting, Hieroglyphics, etc. has completely changed the perception of playing with marked cards. The high-quality infrared marked cards are as same as the normal cards and can be only visible with infrared contact lenses and glasses. If you are planning to wear contact lenses for reading the marks, then ensure that you buy the best quality product made of good material that is not harmful to your eyes. Also, check the comfortability as there are lenses that might cause irritation to your eyes after use. Hence read the product description, method of use and maintenance procedure and enhance the chance of winning on the table of poker.   2.Reliable online stores   Today most of the customers look for reliable and reputable online cheating device stores such as that has been serving poker players with high quality, safe and affordable cheating devices. The reputable stores have a wide range of collection of cheating devices of different brands, types, price ranges, etc. so that players can choose the right one as per their gaming goal and budget. 3.Learn the game   If you want to become a successful poker player, create a solid poker strategy and try to stick to it. The right cheating device and adequate knowledge of poker can incredibly help you to improve your game and win a good amount.
6 Most Impressive Playing Card Decks for All Games and Tricks
6 Most Impressive Playing Card Decks for All Games and Tricks
There are a ton of great games available to play, including poker, Canasta, Blackjack, bridge, and various types of solitaire. Though the rules of these games may differ, all of them have one thing in common. Each one needs the best playing cards you can find to actually play them. These cards need to be sturdy, with the right dimensions, and should be smooth enough to shuffle easily and slide nicely over a table as you deal. If they look cool at the same time, that’s a bonus. After considering around 30 different options on the market, we reviewed the top six playing card decks, with the Copag Playing Cards Set coming out on top. This 2-deck set of plastic cards is stylish, durable, with jumbo-sized numbers for easy viewing and a protective plastic case. There are also a variety of other plastic or paper options, with different designs and colors to choose from, including a classic playing card deck. This gives every card player or magician the right set to suit their needs and personal taste. If you’re in the market for a new deck of playing cards, there are a few things to consider before you start ordering them. How man decks come in the set is something to look at since this can range from one deck to a dozen or more. You should also check out the material used to make the cards since some materials are more durable than others, plus they are easier to clean. The card size can also vary, with some cards fitting your hand better than others. To help you choose the best playing cards, we’ve created a comparison table with in-depth reviews and a buying guide to cover all of the features. Quick Summary Editor’s Choice: Copag Playing Cards Set "A deluxe 2-deck card set which comes in a sturdy plastic case and boasts of an incredible durability." Best Poker Playing Cards: Bullets Playing Cards Poker Cards "Plastic cards that are easy to keep in good condition for long; comes with a poker playing guide for beginners." Premium Choice: Elephant Playing Cards Cyberpunk Playing Cards "These cards feature hand-drawn artwork that will definitely catch everyone’s attention whether you’re playing poker or doing a magic trick." Best Classic Playing Cards: Bicycle Playing Cards "A set of a whopping 12 decks from the manufacturer you can trust; includes 6 blue and 6 red decks." Best Black Playing Cards: Ellusionist Killer Bees Playing Card Deck "A super-stylish option with which you’ll also be able to make a difference: a portion of sales goes to the IUCN organization." Best Value: Joker and the Thief Playing Cards "A deck of cards with 100% custom design that will draw attention of everyone at the playing table." Source:
How to become a winner in cards with spy devices
How to become a winner in cards with spy devices
The cards came from history and varied from place to place. There are hundreds of card games that are supposed to exist at this time. The standard deck of cards contains 52 cards, 13 cards in four suits. This was done in such a way that the king is placed first. The sequence of this game: the king comes first, then the queen, and finally Jack. It also contains additional cards presented by a court jester or a joker, sometimes or when people need it. This is a very famous game among everyone.   This is a favorite pastime for many people on weekends or weekends, as well as on weekdays. But if this happens at the stage of gambling, this can easily convert another person’s fortune. And that can change several lives, as he is known for making money, and everyone agrees that money matters to them by playing cards cheating devices. However, it is about luck and destiny. If you are a successful person, this can make you king in the blink of an eye, and if not, it will take you very little time to become a trap in the game world. It retains the ability to create or destroy brick by brick.   Believing in your luck.   But in the modern scientific world, believing in your luck can be considered a stupid and childish activity, because science and technology are the father of everything. It has made our life easier, more reliable, more luxurious and more affordable. You can break your luck easily, the owner believes. The marked cards are an example of this. It is equipped with the latest technologies, which are also included in the methods and techniques of science. Many fraudulent devices have been created using modern technology and science.
NEW POKER SYSTEM. Halogen Special Camera for new ink marked cards. This are not IR Marked Cards ! . Newest technology for marked cards right now. Camera System Advantages : - Camera can be hidden in any object in your playing room. - Easy to see via wireless by an operator - Posibility to record and rollback the video - Communication via micro earpiece CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PRICES for camera system ! ☃️ 1 . Halogen Camera ( with fixed lens ) ( with Zoom In and Out Lens - ) 2 . Mask For The Camera - ( Standard Mask - Spot Mask) 3 . Clean Spot For Security Replacement Don't miss the chance to get one, we have LIMITED Quantity ! Why to buy from china : - Fast Shipping - Best Support - You talk directly to our engineers ! - Help with the system - Holidays discounts !  
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